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Close attention to the decision of problems of preservation of clean environment for future generations is paid in many countries of the world. However, a special place in the preservation of the environment is the European Union. Due to their high level of economic development and serious attitude to the problems of pollution, on the development of any technologies that
able to significantly reduce the effects of technogenic
pollution,the EU allocates billions of euros annually.

This is a huge market of start-UPS, this is a strong base of funding and preferential tax treatment, and every startup has a real chance to get their share of the investment if the idea of this startup is really fresh and useful.
Company Blitz-Script covers about 18% of the market consumption of purified drinking water in Europe. Our products have international certification and recognized as high quality product in all countries of Europe.

The high quality of our water due to the cleaning technologies that we use in production. We continually invest
in an update to our production capacity and invest in the expansion of the market. Manufacture and sale of purified water is a lot of money and permanent income. It is therefore important to keep an eye on any information coming from the major international manufacturers of purified drinking water. We pay special attention to the monitoring of any commercial information, for example, large international exhibitions. Such as Trade fair and Congress of the European Association of manufacturers of bottled water (EBWA), which are a kind of indicators of commercial viability of development of the business, as well as reliable sources of new trends in the field of business.

According to our analytical materials from international market, we have once again received confirmation of the fact that the European market consumption of bottled water is the most powerful and capacious in the world, and volumes, for example, the largest overall global consumer market in the U.S., the European yield more than three times. In addition to financial statistics when making decisions about the expansion of our business has always taken into account and the actual amount of purified water. And this factor also suggests that Europe accounts for 64% of the total consumption of bottled water in the world, 21% in USA and 3.5% consume the country's Eastern region and 11.5 per cent of the rest of the market global consumption of bottled purified water. As You can see, our selection by location of their business and the main production facilities for the production of purified water in Europe, the most proper and commercially viable solution.

But why in Europe consumed such a vast amount of purified water? Partly due to the fact that we outlined above, and partly due to the fact that in Europe, all EU countries, before others have realised the importance of purified water for humans and for the preservation of the environment. Initially, the European market was aimed at the production of sparkling (carbonated) water, but now, as recent market studies, consumers prefer to use carbonated drinks. The same marketing research as well as our databases and sales statistics provide the following information: in Europe, consumption of soft drinks, and purified water reaches 185 - 210 liters per year per person. This volume of about 100 liters accounted for the proportion of bottled drinking water. And that just opens up a huge opportunity for growth and advancement with a constant positive dynamics of increasing profits and a strong financial stream.

Why we believe in the growth of its business and revenue growth both for our company and investors the company?
This is illustrated by the following facts.
The most competent research company Zenith International,specialize in the study of the market of purified water, in their studies of trends and commercial growth vector of the bottled water market one of the main statistical indicators counts the number of purchased and installed by consumers coolers. The market research professionals Zenith International unveiled at a Trade show and Congress EWBA information about what the growing number of coolers in Europe continues. In addition, the consumption of bottled water in Europe grows tall and vigorously. Growth rates remain at the level of 10.8% -11,4% annually. And that says a lot. After all, installing one in your home or office cooler, users will not be able to return to the consumption of ordinary tap water, and will buy the purified water again and again.
Constant consumption is the basis of any business. And this gives us every reason in order to accurately and effectively grow your business.

Now we are ready for a new round of expansion Blitz-Script the market of purified water in Europe. And for that we provide real opportunities in our manufacturing projects, which are now ready to generate for investors from around the world a steady income on a long term basis.


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